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Patty Pan - Farm Fresh Food

The Tortilla Project

Patty Pan is now making our own fresh tortillas from locally grown organic wheat, thanks to the support of these donors who gave generously to our Kickstarter campaign and helped us buy the necessary equipment. We're so grateful for each and every pledge: the funds gave us the practical tools to get started, and the enthusiastic support reminded us how lucky we are to be part of this closely knit, extended community.

Alice Barrus
Alice Keller
Alicia Guy
Amanda Granberg
Amy McIlvaine
Andy L
April Smith
Ben Engelsberg
Beth Jusino
Bion Johnson
Blaire Piha
Brodie Peterson
Brooke Idol
Byron Go!
Carol Worthen
Carolyn Sackett
Cecilia Finnigan
Chelsea Pelham Robinson
Cherise Fuselier
Christa J
Davey P.
David Golightly
David Pietka and Rebekah Papé
David Ward
Dena Moses
Diane Buxton
Dixie Smith
Dori Cahn
Dorrena Ortega
Elaine Corets
Elise D. Evans
Evi Schachtl
Faith Hynoski
Gail Savina
GoodFood World
Green family
Greg Cobb
Hallie Sloan
Hannah Morgan
helen tobin
Honest Biscuits
Ige Family
Janine Blaeloch
Jeremy and Rachael Allen
Jo Bell
joanna greenbaum
Julia Engel
Julie Whitehorn
Kim Tennican
Laura McAlister
Lena Hart-Bundy
Lisa Ondrejcek
Little Brown Farm
mary ayres
Matt Wildey
Neighborhood Farmers Markets
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund
Patricia Begley
Patrick Daugherty
Patsy Wosepka
Peter Mason
Pevarei Nasoran
Rebecca Elder
Rona & Evan Sass
Sage Guyton
StockWild Gardens
Surie Clegg
Susan Armstrong
Terrence G.
Terri Lovins
Theresa Collier
Timber City Ginger
Tom groves
Valerie Guerrero

And here's the lovely video we made for the campaign:


Our housemade tortillas